Recently Funded ....

As well as funding the Seaton Friends Hospiscare@Home service at a cost of approx £5,000 per week, the League have funded ...

 The League have recently funded a new Nasendoscope for Seaton Hospital with monies raised by, and kindly donated to, Seaton & District Hospital League of Friends.

Dr Rob Daniels runs weekly ENT clinics at Seaton Hospital, with the help of Health care assistant Lynda Potter who assists with procedures, and League Volunteer Doreen Tilbrook who welcomes the patients coming to the clinic.

The Nasendoscope costing £9366.00 will be used at the ENT outpatient clinics held at Seaton Hospital, enabling people with Sinus and voice problems to continue to be seen locally.

This new piece of equipment replaces a very old Nasendoscope which had reached the end of its life. Without the League funding this new equipment, 60% of the patients referred to the ENT clinic would not have been able to be seen locally at Seaton Hospital, instead they would have had to make the long journey to the RD&E.

The league would like to thank the local community for their generous donations which have helped to pay for this much needed piece of equipment. The continued support we are receiving is helping us to make the most of our fantastic local community Hospital here in Seaton.

Photograph of Dr Rob Daniels demonstrating the Nasendoscope on League volunteer Patrick Plunkett,

with Health care assistant Lynda Potter assisting with the procedure and League Volunteer Doreen Tilbrook.